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PRWCS CORP has built a secure and state of the art Profesional Data Recovery Laboratory with all tools necesary to safely recover data from damaged computers, hard drives, pen drives, cameras, phones and any electronic equipment that stores data! 

Our professional and proven process guarantees that your data will be protected at all times both physically and logically. With no hidden fees and competitive pricing structure, our recovery services will always be the perfect fit for your situation.

Due to strict security measurements, hard drives and devices are only accepted by appointment. Call us @ 787-303-0031 to schedule your drop-off or pick up service in Puerto Rico! 

Working with PRWCS Data Recovery

Working with us to recover your data couldn’t be simpler.

  • STOP Using your damaged drive:  Trying to recover data not using professional tools or clean enviroment reduces the rate of recovey! Please handle with care.
  • Schedule an Appointment: Call us on 787-303-0031 (M-F 8:00am-5:00pm AST)
  • Bring disk to Recovery Lab: We will receive, securely store , sign confidentiality documents and asses the situation.
  • Current Storage Media status: We’ll review current status of the media and create a profesional report providing a realistic assessment of the likelihood of recovery, based on your specific circumstances.
  • Data recovered: Once approved, your data will be recovered into a similiar media. You will receive an status at least once a week on the recovery.

Storage Media we work!

PC / MAC: Regular laptop or desktop, MacBook, Mini-Mac, workstation, etc.
HDD: A hard disk drive, hard disk, hard drive, or external enclosure.
SSD: A solid-state drive is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data persistently
FLASH: Also known as Thumb Drive, Flash Thumb Drive, etc.
SD: Any type of memory card used in a photo/video camera.
RAID: Multiple disks combined in one or more logical units.
MOBILE: Smartphones or tablets. iOS or Android.
OTHER: Virtual, Tapes, floppy disks, CD/DVD, anything that holds data

Storage Situations we work!

Warning signs present

  • unusual sounds: clicking, squeaking, beeping
  • computer operating very slowly

Internal parts failure

  • hard disk drive not becoming ready 
  • hard disk drive not detecting 
  • intermittent drive failure resulting in random detection
  • no light on or flashing

Data corruption

  • hard disk drive asking to be formatted
  • software corruption
  • problems with software or operating system upgrades

Logical corruption

  • deletion of data
  • hardware conflicts

Physical damage (internally or through accidental impact)

  • dropped hard-disk drive that is not reading
  • wrong cable plugged in
  • burned chips on printed circuit board

RAID System

  • RAID controller failure
  • single hard disk failure
  • multiple hard disk drive failure (or multiple drives go offline)
  • intermittent drive failure resulting in configuration corruption
  • hardware conflicts
  • server boot failure
  • lost server registry configuration
  • rebuild failure
  • striping damage
  • RAID array or volumes that won’t mount after a server crash
  • configuration damage or corruption
  • software corruption
  • software or operating system upgrades
  • controller card set-up corruption
  • RAID container crash
  • Microsoft Exchange server, SQL server, general Microsoft server applications
Same Day Appointments available - 787-303-0031
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