Anyone can sell IT solutions. What makes PRWCS CORP special? We DO NOT receive any comission for selling our partners solutions. We take the time to understand your business and your needs. Then our Solutions Engineering department lead by Certified IT Engineers and Architechts will provide the right solution for you. 
PRWCS CORP Departments


Preventive Maintenance





What is the cost of having your systems down?

PRWCS CORPs currently manages and monitors more than 735 systems between servers and workstations and the magic word is prevention! Our experience dictates that the cost of preventing a system to go down is much less than the cost of having an operation halt because system fail. We had created two unique solutions to prevent system issues:

  • Preventive Maintenance Program: Unique solution that includes a regular monthly physical visit to review and maintain all your systems including servers and workstations to lower the amount of issues to be experience during a month. And if you need help from us, this solution includes 3 remote incidents free of charge and a Service Level Agreement of 2 hours remote fix and 8 business hours if on-site technician is needed.

  • Active Monitoring Program: Game changer IT solution that includes 24/7 monitoring of all the systems in your business. Our monitoring center will be reviewing all the alerts received from your systems and design a course of action. If approved by our customer, PRWCS CORP will proceed to coordinate and perform the repair/maintenance according to the Service Level Agreement. Great for small offices!

On-Demand Tech Support





PRWCS CORP is known by providing services and solutions that accommodates all business models. For those who do not like to sign a monthly service contract, we can provide on-demand support calling our technical support center directly.

Need an extra hand to complete or support your IT needs?

PRWCS CORP bilingual and professional staff has the experience to work with the highest requirements of trust and performance. We can perform company or corporate requests at your discretion or serve a your official local IT service provider in Puerto Rico. Our experience comes from work with IBM, Hershey’s, PenFed and other multinational companies operating in Puerto Rico.

24/7 On Call Service: Structured on-call service to support your internal customers/employees when they are need of remote or on-site support in Puerto Rico.

Network Monitoring Service: Electronic Monitoring of your Firewall and Switches via secure channels to log alerts and perform “push” notifications.

PC / MAC Deployments: Our team of deployment experts can coordinate and handle all the aspects of your new computer deployments and software integrations in Puerto Rico.


Software Development





Need a custom made database or web application?

With a dedicated software development department, managed by an Senior Computer Engineer, has the experience necessary to document your requirements and deliver a software that will move the operations of your business to the next century!

Database (web/e-record): Internal / External databases systems

Business Apps: iPhone and Android apps to get your idea to the next level

Web sites: Develop and deploy an “eye-catching” website that is both simple to navigate and responsive to any mobile device


Computer Repair Center





Computer not behaving correctly or in need of an upgrade?

Our “Customer Exclusive” state of the art computer repair center has been design to provide fast and accurate information on what is causing the computer issue and what is needed to be fixed. It is only available to registered customers and no-walk ins are accepted to ensure quality of all of our work. If you need your computer to be fixed, schedule an on-site visit and if the system needs to be worked at our facility, our technicians will conveniently pick up and deliver back.

PC / MAC: Our location allows us to repair all PC and MAC major brands. PRWCS COPR has relationships with Lenovo, Dell and HP for warranty coordination and repairs.

Ones that I need to continue to work.. will gave them to you soon!


Managed Cloud Services

Ready to move your operations to the cloud but don’t know where to start?

PRWCS CORP has strategic partnerships with the major cloud services providers that are not only reliable but also secure and affordable. We understand not all business are equal and their needs are neither. By having access to multiple options we can be sure to provide the best solution at the best price. As a perk, if you buy the services from PRWCS CORP, basic service management is included at no extra charge!

Domains/Emails/Webhosting: We can register your business domain name and configure it for website and email service.

Office 365 Partner: Office 365 is the number one choice for the enterprise market. Combination of productivity software (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) with cloud storage (One Drive) and Collaboration Tools (Teams) will take you business productivity to the next level.

G-Suite Partner: Google has been a game changer for small and medium business looking for having everything cloud based. Their legendary G-Suite service provides reliable email, calendar and collaboration tools that are both easy to use and implement.

Cloud Fax Service: Tired of having that old fax machine around? Upgrade to a virtual fax! With this service, you can have all fax transmitted to a virtual number, convert it to PDF and sent by email to your office instantly. Need to send a fax? No problem, just scan and email it to your cloud fax service, it will arrive at your destination automatically.


Data Recovery Laboratory

PRWCS CORP has invested more than $50,000 in creating the first Professional Data Recovery Laboratory in Puerto Rico with the follwoing characteristics:
  • Physically Secured
  • Special Clean Room Chamber
  • Current recovery rate of 98% (as 2021-12-31)
  • Trained and experienced engineers in-house
  • Diagnose and recover data from logically and physically damaged Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Flash/Memory Cards, Phones and even embedded drives in PC and MACs.
Backed up by the #1 Data Recovery partner in the United States, SALVAGE DATA, there are always options to recover at least partial data in the extreme cases.


Network Solutions Implementations





It looks that the word “Network” is all over the technical world these days. PRWCS CORP will help your business to use the network to empower your business and obtain higher productivity rates!

Structure Cabling (Cat 5e/6/7): Everyone can install network cabling these days. PRWCS CORP perform this differently. We take the time to review customer requirements and design not only to comply with them but also to comply with building and fire permits and regulations. Our structured network designs not only provide faster speeds by using quality materials, but also reliability by providing each customer with a “Network Cabling Certification Report” and lifetime warranty on all out installations.

Fiber Cable installations: The most reliable and faster connectivity medium that exist right now is fiber. It allows to transmit large amounts of data at light speed to impressive distances. Installation requires special equipment and certifications that PRWCS CORP exclusive fiber installation team has obtained over years of experience. Only trust your fiber installation on certified technicians.

Wide Area Networks (WAN): Our WAN designs will allow your business to share network resources across multiple sites/offices securely and with the best performance available. These implementations can be used to interconnect phone system too.

Wi-Fi Designs: Wi-Fi technology provides the freedom of network connectivity without a physical cable, but poor design and implementation could make this environment to be a non-secure and very slow performance. PRWCS CORP has the experience designing, implementing and maintaining Wi-Fi networks from one (1) to two hundredth fifty devices (250) all sharing the same network name and security standards.

Phone Line Migrations/VOIP: Upgrading from old POTS lines to VOIP? Our experience implementing VOIP systems combined with our partnership with over 10 VOIP PBX service providers will make your transition successful and painless.

Internet Service Providers Implementations: Need internet service at your current location? PRWCS CORP has strategic partnerships with Fuse Telecommunications and AT&T/Liberty Business in Puerto Rico to provide the best service in your area for Wireless, Cable and Fiber services.

Firewall / Router / Switches integration: New ISP installation or need to install routers and switches, PRWCS CORP has the experience necessary to install and configure Cisco, Cradelpoint and Mikrotik network devices.

Network Rack clean up: Tired of your network rack looking like spaghetti? Having an organized network rack not only is pleasant to the eye but also if your network is having an issue, troubleshooting and root-cause finding is much easier. Our network engineers can design your new rack and also organize your current rack to bring it to the standards.

Enterprise Remote Access Software: The way businesses are operating these days requires agile, dependable and secure connectivity to main offices from anywhere. PRWCS CORP can design and implement the best solution to allow your employees to continue to work from home or away of the office.


Data Protection:





What is the impact on your business if you suddenly lost all your data?

These days data is the most important asset to run any business. PRWCS CORP provides the best solutions to protect your data:

  • Antivirus: Scans, protects and remove virus and malwares on your computer systems.
  • On-Site Backup: Protects not only your data but also your software installations and operating system configuration with a daily image backup solution. These allows to restore your operation in case of a failure in the least time possible.
  • Off-Site Backup: Store a copy of your data encrypted outside of the boundaries of your office to be used in case of a disaster. Can be recovered online or physically deliver of the backup.
  • 24/7 Backup Monitoring: What good is to have a backup system if when you are going to use it, it has not been performing the tasks? Our State of the Art monitoring system not only receive alerts of your backups not being performed, but also corrects the backup issues to ensure the backups are ran daily.
  • UPS Battery Backup units: Protect your equipment from low and over voltages. PRWCS CORP can review the system requirement and provide a proposal for the right product you need. Delivery and installation always included in the pricing!