About Us

Modern organizations are in great need of reliable, responsive partners in IT. Many businesses have experienced the restricted and inadequate services of one-man providers. These have become the norm, creating an important challenge for companies requiring multidisciplinary, always-available teams in IT.

With this pressing challenge in mind, we decided to deliver a solution.

PRWCS CORP is not your typical one-man support provider. We are a fully-staffed IT consulting team dedicated to providing professional support to small/medium businesses in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Backed up by 25+ years of combined experience in the technological field and certification, we are able to provide an all-in-one approach to all your current and future technological needs. Our experience comes from implementing technical solutions for the Health, Law and Order, Insurance, Government, Real State, Construction, and other industries. From computer maintenance to reliable backup solutions, our experience will give you the best solution at the best competitive price.

At PRWCS CORP, our focus is not to help organizations to solve their IT-related issues but to prevent them in the first place. For years, we have been investing in high-end technologies for preventive purposes. Our team is currently monitoring more than 400 systems through these cutting-edge technologies, which oversee every single resource in real-time and trigger alerts to our professionals if any manual actions are required.

Our unique Preventive Maintenance Plan, 24/7 Active Monitoring Service for your equipment is a game-changer in this industry. This up-to-the-minute IT framework combined with the enterprise-grade experience of working with IBM, Microsoft, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo in the United States allows us to deliver the best service in Puerto Rico for your business needs.

 Our vision at PRWCS CORP is to establish and nourish an industry-leading team that will, at the same time, become the most successful Information Technology solutions provider in Puerto Rico, the US, and the Caribbean by applying new technologies to improve our customers’ businesses and provide both high-end prevention technologies and outstanding remote and on-site support if issues take place.
Our mission at PRWCS CORP is to lead in the delivery of information technologies solutions with cutting-edge, industry-grade products, including computer systems’ preventive maintenance, internet service provider, computer repair, network implementation, enterprise support, software development, managed cloud services, on-demand tech support, and data protection strategies.

Social Responsability Component

At PRWCS CORP, we believe that every company should have a Social Responsability component as part of it operation strategy. Every customer that give us the opportunity to serve, allow us to provide diverse IT services free of charge to Ninos de Nueva Esperanza. We thank all current and futture customers to allow us to make a diference in the lives of kids!

DSC_0060.jpg Image result for niños de nueva esperanza sabana seca 64495389_2338971249475182_8809994186372677632_o.jpg

The purpose of this project is to create spaces of opportunities for a better education, emotional support and creativity for the children and adolescents of the area. We also work with families of the community to promote their integral development through education, and attending multiple spiritual, cultural and social needs, including support to develop abilities to generate income.

The mission of Niños de Nueva Esperanza (NNE) is to provide tutoring services and personalized assistance to children of the community, as well as to facilitate emotional support and the development of artistic and sport abilities.

Meet your IT Services Professionals 


President / CEO

Certified Project Manager (PMP) and IT Specialist with more than 25 years of diverse experience in the financial, medical, government, education and manufacturing sectors.

Recipient of numerous professional performance awards from the Intel, Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, IBM Corporation and its clients, including recognition for leadership, planning, and technical ability. Recognized for outstanding attention to detail, service delivery performance, team player skills and unique and creative perspectives on problem resolution.

Fluent in Spanish and English.


Software Development Manager

Certified Computer Engineer with enterprise level experience. Creator of our internal customer relationship management software and various database products used by our customer in Puerto Rico and United States.

 Fluent in Spanish and English.

MBA , A+ Certified

Operational Manager

Motivated, and accomplished business professional with multiple college degrees and a successful 20+ year track record of customer service in the Information Technology field. Talent for quickly mastering technology. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. Accustomed to handling sensitive situations with customer’s confidential records. Flexible and versatile – able to keep calm under pressure. Excellent team-building skills. 

Fluent in Spanish and English.



Professional and energetic in all senses, provides coordination for all services provided by our company. Always looking to understand our customer issues and drive them to resolution.

Her customer support skills are top notch. 

Fluent in Spanish and English.



Always looking to make the customer happy! Very professionally answers our customer calls with a smile. Help coordinate the service department to ensure all tickets are completed in the established SLA.

Need someone to run your social media campaign, her graphic skills are out of this world! 

Fluent in Spanish.



A+ Certified


Have an issue with any cloud services? She will come to the rescue!

Well versed on cloud technology, design, implementation and troubleshoot. Her customer support skills are top notch. 

Fluent in Spanish and English.

A+ Certified


Well versed in Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Share Point solutions, Jose brings another level of knowledge on Operating Systems and their interaction with our customers business. Great customer service skills both remotely and on-site.

Always ahead of technology changes to better support our customers.

Fluent in Spanish and English.

A+ Certified


With years of experience in the enterprise IT field, Edgar is an expert at Financial Software design, implementation and maintenance for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Customer support is always a top priority for him.

Fluent in Spanish and English.



Fluent in Spanish and English.



Years of experience implementing professional solutions for our customers combined with his energy and drive to make customer happy,  Rafael makes the perfect proyect manager for any Network or special project implementation. Always learning about new technologies.

Fluent in Spanish and English.

Angel "Melvin" Rios


There is no field project that he can't manage and implement. More than 30 years of construction experience on his belt, Angel provides different solutions to each project situation and delivers with 100% customer satisfaction as the main driver. 

Fluent in Spanish and English.